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They can do a lot of damage, quickly

Sub-topical Fertilization Treatment gives your trees a healthy advantage.

The tree and shrub fertilizer is Deep Root Fertilizing (DRF)

  • Professional grade
  • Slow release
  • Granular

It is recommended to Fertilize every 12 months to help keep trees & shrubs at their healthiest state.

We will remind you when your property is due for care.

You will not see evidence of the fertilizer in the ground as we take care to cover the holes so not to burn your grass. The fertilizer has been deposited directly into the ground, along the outside edge of the tree canopy also called the drip line.

The benefits include

  • soil aeration, which increases the tree's capacity to absorb oxygen, water and nutrients.
  • slow release, provides your trees and shrubs with the important nutrients that help them to remain strong and healthy for up to a year.
  • best method, in our opinion Hi-pressure water gun isn’t as effective as our method of fertilizing.

Water your trees. The material is activated by moisture like rain and melting snow. Watering your trees in the hot summer months is a good idea. Set the hose at the base of the tree and leave on a slow trickle for about 10 minutes.


Deep Root Fertilization is beneficial to the health of your trees and shrubs because it improves the soil around the base of the tree and helps to strengthen the root system. A healthy root system is essential for maximizing the tree's root function, which affects the overall health of the tree. For trees that are experiencing a decline in health, deep root fertilization can help to slow the process. Your properties curb appeal will see a great improvement thanks to the process of Deep Root Fertilizing.