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Storybook Tree Services Inc.

storybook tree service's clients say.....

Thank you so much for your excellent service! The wood chips were great and the person who delivered was also very good.

Best regards!
Oakville Resident

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to let you know that my husband was very happy with the work you did as well - especially on the town tree in the front.

Oakville Resident

Hi there,

Want to give you a heartfelt thank you for a job well done. The trees still look healthy, and for the first time in years I didn't have to start my day by emptying the completely clogged pool filter (my twice a day chore). There is the smallest amount of debris now, the pool stays warmer and I can swim in the warmth instead of shivering in the shade.

Please let your guys know I appreciate the job very well done.

Just for your information: everything went extremely smoothly yesterday. Your guy was very courteous and did a very very good job, very clean, no messes and very focused on getting the job done. Very professional. So thank you very much for this.

Thanks a lot and I will certainly call you again should I need services like this again.

Amberglen Court Resident

Just wanted to let you know I received my load of wood chips today and had to say thank you! The load is perfectly at the top of the driveway leaving us room to park cars until we move it. It was placed so neatly I am very impressed!!!! Thank you to your company and obviously your employees who take pride in their work. Your generosity is appreciated. (Wow, free) thank you again.

Oakville Resident

We are glad we went with you guys it has been a great experience. You were not the cheapest but you priced the large dangerous job fairly, we liked you and your team so went with you. As an added bonus you handled my crabby neighbour who would have been a problem with someone less savvy.

Oakville Resident

Hi Marsha,
The feeding of our trees, particularly the suffering birch out front!, has been very worthwhile. I think you told me it should be done annually, please book me in every year.

Mississauga Res

Thanks Rob and crew for a professional job and very courteous workers.

Milton Rd Oakville

Just wanted to say thank you. Your pricing was incredibly reasonable. The guys did a great job. They were quick and they did an amazing job with the clean up. Couldn't even tell they were there except for the missing trees and the stack of logs.

Guilford Cres Oakville

All the kids on our street were watching the tree come down. Extra summer entertainment! The guys were very lovely. My mom wanted some branches for herself and she went out a few times with requests and they were really patient and helped her. She's over the moon about her little stash of birch branches.

My brother works at Oakland Ford and recommended you. We will be sure to pass along the great recommendation!

Burlington resident

Hi Marsha and Rob,

I have cc'd my girlfriend who will be contacting you to get a quote for some tree work.

My trees look fabulous by the way!

North Oakville Resident

Right from the get go Marsha was an absolute pleasure to speak with on the phone. The great service continued with Rob when he came to give us an estimate. Rob was so professional and courteous that a 3rd opinion/estimate wasn't needed (his was the 2nd quote). Rob and his team were wonderful to work with: punctual, caring, polite, professional and tidy - everything one would expect and more! They did a superb job with the removal of our EAB infested trees, pruning of our various trees, as well as deep root fertilizing for our cedars. We happily recommend Storybook Tree Services!

SW Oakville Resident

I have seen you in my neighbourhood and always wanted to book your service. I saw your donation at the school fair, and I won the bid. I am so excited to have you over!

Alexandria Dr Oakville Resident

My neighbour asked me how you guys were and I told him and I have to tell you the way you kept me informed was unlike any contractor I have had. Thank you.

Halsham Crt Mississauga Resident

Hi Rob. The boys did a fantastic job! Thanks very much. Also Thnx again for fitting me in so quickly! I'll recommend you guys anytime anyone needs tree work.

Pleasant View Crt Oakville

I just wanted to write a quick note to say THANK YOU for your quick response and excellence in tree removal. The waters are muddied out there with contractors/services that give less than adequate service and even worse response time. How refreshing to deal with a company that responds immediately, shows up when they say they will and has a team that is polite and efficient.

Mississauga resident

"That was money well spent!" in regards to pruning and spraying a magnolia.

Oakville resident

Marsha my cedars look great this spring. I have never fed or sprayed them before and now after living here for 50 years I realize I have the right company looking after my cedars.

Oakville Resident

Hey Rob. Thanks for coming back. I really appreciate it. You did a great job on the two bushes. Everything looks great. I am a happy customer. Take care.

Oakville resident

Thank you for arranging delivery of the free mulch this afternoon. I really appreciate this service that Storybook provides...wonderful!

Oakville resident

Thank you for the prompt invoice. They did an excellent job with our removal and pruning our neighbours side tree. I'll call today with the credit card details - one more thing off my list.

Oakville resident

Many thanks for a great job. Done quickly, with a zeal for professional and quality service.

Mississauga resident

I had the pleasure to speak with Rob today as he phoned me by mistake. I am glad he did. I can tell we have the right tree company now!

Oakville resident

I really appreciate you guys coming so quick and standing by your work, the framers will have a much easier time completing the new house now. Thanks so much Marsha.

Oakville client

I did not sleep the last few nights, I can sleep tonight. Thank you Rob and Crew.

Kerr St resident

"Its always nice to reconnect with a White Oaks Grad. Rob and the crew pruned all of our trees yesterday and YES THEY KNOW WHATS DEAD AND WHATS ALIVE EVEN WHEN THERE ARE NO LEAVES ON THE TREE. Nice to know a professional in the business when I need him."

Falgarwood resident

Not only was Marsha open to my comments and made it right she returned a check to me that was more then what I owed. Its refreshing to do business with someone professional and honest.

Oakville resident

During our walkabout, Rob named all the trees and shrubs on our property, and advised on their welfare. His guidance helped us to decide on how to proceed with the two day project. The crew commenced their work with a safety briefing, and Rob advised our neighbours what was happening. The crew worked quickly and efficiently, and cleared the debris at the end of both days. There was a minor incident which we had not seen. The crew showed us the damage, and it was repaired within a week. Storybook provided exceptional service before during and after our tree pruning and removal. We would not hesitate in using them again.

Oakville resident

We were recommended Storybook Tree Services by a friend. We have found Storybook staff to be courteous, quick to respond and very knowledgeable.

Oakville resident

Marsha organized a specialized piece of equipment for our work. She sent me quick timely texts to schedule the work which made it easy and personal. I'll just text her the next time I need her.

Burlington resident

"I want to send my heartfelt Thank You to your whole team in response to my 911 call of the tree that was a danger to my home and my neighbours home. The immediate response from the crew member working down the street on another job site, who gave me the contact info, to Erica who immediately contacted Marsha, who came within an hour and immediately contacted Rob who also responded within the hour. Rob, you were inspiring how you managed the event. From the initial response, to securing permission of private property to place the crane and trucks, to arranging the removal and standing with me until the entire cleanup was completed. I felt I had a true friend with me taking care of all the details.Your calm, professional, demeanour throughout was a blessing. Thank you Thank you Thank you."

"My Bad, I asked the crew to prune the front of the tree the way I wanted it - When my husband came home, he flipped. Then I realized it looked silly, so they removed the tree for me, the next day, to keep the peace. I should have listened to the crew. They are a very nice and knowledgeable crew, everyone is really nice."
Oakville resident.

"My extremely difficult neighbour tried to bully me about a small insignificant scratch on a patio stone (rolls eyes). Rob was very responsive, and dealt with the situation directly."
Oakville resident

"I want to let you know that I love the work done so far! The tree looks great and my kids have loved watching "the monkeys" in the trees!"
Oakville resident

"Came promptly. Did exactly what I wanted and listened to what I said. Will highly recommended to all of my friends and will definitely have you back in the fall."
Mississauga resident

"We were very pleased with the work done and would gladly recommend your company."
Oakville Resident

"Last week Storybook sent two men to take down our tree. They did an excellent job; they were safe and left the area clean when they were done. I am extremely pleased with everything, including the customer service I received from both you and Marsha. I will happily share my experience with others!"
East Oakville resident

Tree Removal Oakville - Oakville Beaver 2014 "Removing the tree by myself was a real pain, I'm still sore. I'm happy that Storybook Tree Services can get rid of the brush, the wood and grind down the stump."
Oakville resident

"Your crew was here today and took the tree down. I was amazed at how well organized and experienced they were."
West Oakville resident

"Great friendly service at a very fair price. The crew showed up on time and left no trace. Highly recommended."
Oakville resident

"Thank you, you are easy to please. We appreciate the "quotable" testimonial we will post it on the site. See you next year."

"Yes we are happy, thanks for asking Marsha. I wish it was that easy to prune my body into that shapely specimen, the tree looks great."
Oakville resident

"My Son kept telling me that he could take the tree down. Now that I see what was involved there is no way he could of done it. He would have hurt himself. I am so glad I told him no and hired Storybook to safely remove the tree."
Oakville resident - Honeysuckle Crescent

"So pleased with the removal of the tree...will recommend your company!"
Oakville resident

"The crew were total GEMS, what nice guys!"
Oakville resident

"Beautiful. Thank you Marsha. I have had a couple of neighbours tell me
what a wonderful job your company did. So please leave your sign on my lawn
for a bit."
Bronte Village resident

Tree Removal Oakville - Oakville Beaver 2013 "It is all done. I am very impressed and very thankful for all you have done. Your professionalism and the quality of your work are unsurpassable. Please thank Rob for me as well."
Oakville resident

"Just got back from our trip, nice job, thank you."
Oakville resident

"Marsha - I am home - feel like we are no longer living in the amazon, tonight we will sleep better not having the branches tap at our window all night long. Looks great."
Oakville resident

"Marsha - as usual, great job. Please thank Rob for being so tidy and keeping the Chestnut sapling for us."
Oakville Resident

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for a job well done today. Your knowledge about trees and your willingness to explain details is commendable. You ensured the area was safe and ground down stumps so efficiently. I found you to be extremely personable and professional. I will definitely use your company in the future and will highly recommend you to others. Thanks again!"
Oakville Area resident

"I thought that our requirements would be too large for a reasonably priced tree and shrub company. storybooktreeservices proved me wrong. The trees and shrubs at our multi-plex are pruned routinely and add to the curb appeal that our residents enjoy. Thanks storybooktreeservices!"
Mississauga Property Manager

Tree Removal Oakville - Oakville Beaver 2012

"We had decided to remove an overgrown and poorly cared for tree from our backyard. In retrospect we should have had it pruned more often. We were worried about the decorative iron fence (very expensive) and surrounding obstacles like the neighbors pool and our pool (which our grandchildren play). The storybooktreeservices team was more then reassuring. They held our hand through the entire project letting us know what was likely to happen and what we could reasonably expect. There were a few dings but considering what could have happened, asking them to thread the needle.....they worked carefully with minimal damage. Rob returned weeks after to see how we were doing, he even pointed out how the other plants and shrubs seamed to be enjoying the new fallen sun."
Oakville resident

"When we moved into our new home, the last thing we wanted to worry about was possibly losing the maple in the front yard. We were pleasantly surprised and appreciated how sympathetic and helpful Rob was. Rob treated the tree with a deep root tree fertilizer, we are happy to say the tree has come in this spring far stronger then we expected. They fertilized our other trees and even trimmed loose branches and hauled everything away. We are glad we found storybooktreeservices!"
Oakville resident

"When we were getting our house ready for sale (a stressful time) our full service real estate agent arranged for storybooktreeservices to completely transform our property. I had no idea that we had let so much plant overgrowth take over our home. We had let all of the shrubs get so out of shape to the point they were unrecognizable. Rob was kind and not critical, he pointed out where we could remove trees and shrubs to let more light in the house and make the front walk look more inviting and larger. IT LOOKS LIKE A NEW HOME and looks so good now - we are proud to show it and hope to get full asking. .......We sold and contribute the great offers partially to storybooktreeservices! we will have the team over to our new property to work their magic again."
Mississauga resident

"My husband and I just finished a full overhaul of our exterior. Rob, Marsha and their crew did an amazing job with the trees and yard work we had know idea how highly skilled tree work was. It was amazing to watch the climber and the whole process. We were happy with everything they did for us. They left our property immaculate. We would be glad to recommend storybooktreeservices to anyone looking for quality individuals that produce quality work."
Burlington resident

"I called storybooktreeservices after another company left me with a ton of brush at the curb. Marsha was kind enough to help clean up after another companies mess. She was responsive and sympathetic and didn't take advantage of the fact that I was stuck and my neighbors were beginning to wonder if the brush at the end of my driveway was a permanent installation. She told me they were planning on being my tree co for a long time....she will be. I take comfort in knowing that I can call Marsha and she will answer her phone and help."
Burlington resident

"My daughter never ceases to amaze me....Marsha surprised us on a Friday to prune my grossly overgrown tree in the front yard of our new "beach home". I can't tell you how much brighter our home is now that the huge limbs have been removed away from the windows and roof line."
Hamilton Beach resident

"I just wanted pass on our appreciation for some advice which we got from Oakville staff when we needed help to deal with a tree limb which crashed onto our roof due to the ice storm. We knew that we needed a private contractor to remove the limb from the roof and to take down other limbs that had snapped and were lodged in the large, old soft maple tree. However, we figured that most contractors would be super busy and we really didn’t know who to contact. Judith started by calling 3-1-1 and was transferred to Service Oakville. Fortunately, the staff were able to provide the names of 2 contractors and we contacted one of them, Storybook Tree Services. The Storybook team of Robert Ambeau, Marsha Maynard and their crew provided excellent service to us under very difficult conditions. They were very efficient, professional and a real pleasure to deal with."
Oakville Area resident