Tree Removal Oakville - FAQ 1

November Snapd Article

A very large willow tree at the Oakville-Milton Humane Society's location on Cornwall Street was dead and dangerous, and needed to come down. This was an expense that was definitely not in the budget for the not-for-profit organization. Thankfully, Storybook Tree Services and Oakville Hydro stepped up, and offered thier services and expertise to deal with the problem. On April 15th, once the power was turned off by Oakville Hydro, Rob Ambeau and his team of experts from Storybook Tree Services took over and the dead tree was removed in an efficient and safe manner. It was heartwarming to see such community minded businesses stepping up and lend a helping hand when needed, and hopefully their actions will inspire other businesses to do the same. Thank you to the Storybook Tree Services team and Oakville Hydro for a great effort! For more information, please visit or

Ontario winters take a heavy toll on your trees and shrubs. Excessive weight or ice damming can cause numerous issues, one of which is limb failures, which can result in an unsafe situation. With Spring quickly approaching, it is prudent to start thinking and budgeting for maintenance on your trees and shrubs to ensure several things:

- Their health and vitality
- The safety of your family and neighbours
- Long term cost savings

Tree and shrub inspections are what physicals are to humans, or a mechanical inspection to a car; they all have a purpose. Since trees also have working parts, inspections are a necessary procedure that may reveal issues that only a trusted professional would be able to determine. It’s like the brakes on a car; you need to have them inspected, otherwise when things go wrong, they really go wrong.

Ultimately, it’s best to make informed decisions as to what the best course of action is. Tree service professionals provide guidance in the decision making process and, if it is a shared decision with neighbours, they can help mediate that discussion.

One of the issues to consider is the need for pruning. The importance of pruning should not be overlooked, including the removal of obvious deadwood. Deadwood can cause decay to a healthy tree if it is not removed. It is also very dangerous should it fall, and can cause severe damage to whatever is in its path (people, cars, roofs, eaves troughs, windows, etc). It is best to have professionals do controlled removal of deadwood to avoid any unnecessary risk. Selective pruning to improve air flow in a tree is also very important as it helps reduce tree diseases. This should be done by a trusted professional to ensure both the health benefits and aesthetics of the tree. Pruning is subjective and going with the lowest bid does not always provide proper pruning techniques. ANSI is an association that sets out procedures that safeguard your trees. Improper pruning cuts done by homeowners or less experienced tree climbers can adversely affect the health and structure of the tree.

Another major consideration is to determine if your trees and shrubs would benefit from feeding. Our urban trees benefit from sub-tropical nutrients in the form of deep root feeding. Supplying the feeder roots with what they require throughout the year helps to maintain their health, and to improve their vitality if they are failing to thrive. This procedure recreates what would happen naturally in the forest, and is best administered by the professionals who are familiar with its application.

Information is available and worthwhile. It is better to know and be proactive, then to lose a beloved tree that provides shade, curb appeal, and value to your home.

Submitted by Rob Ambeau

Rob Ambeau is the owner of Storybook Tree Services, which provides a full range of arboricultural services for both residential and commercial clients. Located in Oakville, please contact at 905-491-6860.