Tree Removal Oakville - Commercial Services

From trimming to fertilization, we do it all for our commercial customers. Things to consider….

"I did not have to worry about a thing. Marsha and Rob were on site to help close off appropriate parking areas and re-direct families to entrances while the crew worked diligently to make the trees on the property safe before winter. I was able to get my job done while they did theirs."
- Montessori School Oakville

"Our company has been planting trees for generations. Storybook is the only tree service we will hire for stump grinding."
- Vandongens

"The passion you have for your business comes out in your energy. I look forward to working with you on this site, and as mentioned I have forwarded your contact information to other Property Managers within our firm."
- Burlington Property Manager

"Hi Marsha,
Thanks for your help removing the trees, we are happy with the work you did!"
- Mississauga Property Manager

"Thank you SO much for going over and above by contacting both the residents and city on our behalf and for going the extra mile to set aside all the fire wood and chips for us. I can honestly say, out of the dozens and scores of contractors we deal with, you stand out above all the rest. Very Grateful!"
Oakville Property Manager

Storybook values the safety of our clients and their trees.

Safety surveys for commercial sites help to identify signage and lighting that should be cleared, or pose a risk to injuring persons or property. Putting safety measures in place early helps to reduce liability. "It just makes good business sense” says company president Rob Ambeau.

Bad weather preparedness.

We are available to advise you of preventive measures that could help your trees weather threatening storms. Marsha Maynard, owner/operator points out "Its best to have a look before the ice and high wind hit. The damage that can be caused by untended trees can be significant. I encourage property managers to discuss pulling from reserve funds, rather then relying on slim maintenance budgets."

To preserve your trees' health and appearances

FEED the trees! Feeding is cheaper than the cost of removal and adds to curb appeal, making spaces more attractive and livable. Storybook recommends tree heath services as part of a property manager’s portfolio.

Dead Ash trees need to be removed, before removal costs skyrocket.

EAB has killed our Ash trees in Ontario, leaving most people unprepared for the costs associated with the epidemic amount of removals. Standing dead trees on any lot provide a recipe for disaster; removal costs increase, relative to the amount of time the tree is left standing. Storybook uses the most sophisticated equipment to extract hazards from even the tightest spaces.


Storybook Tree Services Trains Skilled Workers with the latest Industry Requirements
Emergency Readiness and High Angle Rescue, WHIMIS, aerial lifts, fall arrest protection awareness, working at heights, technical tree falling and cutting, production tree removal and rigging and personal protective equipment (PPE) certified.