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Most home and business owners have trees on their property. They are beautiful, great for landscaping, add privacy, and offer many other benefits. They have history and every tree has a unique story to tell. Perhaps you have a tree where the family swing has hung for years or you have your initials etched into a tree in the yard. They are beautiful, but if you want them to stay this way, they will require some TLC every now and then.

At Storybook Tree Services, we offer the tree services you need to ensure your trees are properly cared for so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Tree Care And Maintenance Should Not Be Overlooked

Trees, much like other plans and landscaping elements, need proper attention to maintain their beauty, and to ensure they don't turn into a safety hazard. Neglecting tree diseases, dead trees, or even overgrown branches that have not been pruned can all lead to a series of potential hazards – not something you want to have to deal with as a property owner. No one wants a potential lawsuit, neighbor issues, trouble with the city, or to have someone get hurt because your trees.

Rather than trying to care for your trees yourself, especially if you don't have the proper tools, knowledge or desire, why not leave the tree services to the professionals, like us, Storybook Tree Services. We are avid tree people!

We Offer Services For All Types of Trees

We don't discriminate! We work with all size and types of trees. What many people fail to realize about tress is that maintenance can vary based on the type and size of tree. Some trees require very little maintenance, while others require constant attention. But don't worry, we'll handle this. This is another great reason to hire a professional for the job. We know exactly how to handle every situation. All you need to do is call us and we'll take care of it for you.

Why Invest In Tree Services?

Investing in tree services in Burlington, is just like investing in other home improvement projects. It provides a number of benefits for you and your property. They include the following:

  • A well maintained landscape can increase your property value
  • We can ensure there are no tree related risks to your home or property
  • We can help eliminate potential liabilities (hanging braches, etc.)
  • We are properly trained and have the right equipment
  • Tree services can be dangerous, don't put yourself at risk
  • You can ensure your trees get the care they need

These are only some of the many benefits that you can experience when you make the right decision to hire a professional for tree services. Whether it's for your home, rental property or even for your business, we can ensure all your trees are property taken care of.

You Never Know When You May Need Tree Services In Burlington

You never know when you need trees services, but when you do, you can count on us to be ready to help you out and take on the job. Whether your tree was damaged during a storm, you have branches that have become a hazard, you notice a potential tree disease or insect infection, and we can help you take the best course of action to minimize safety issues and do what is in the best interest of your trees.

We offer a full range of tree services including tree removal, treatment and maintenance, winter care, spring pruning and much more. If you know your trees need some attention, but are not sure exactly what type of service is required, just give us a call to come out and take a look. As part of our free estimate, we will assess the current state of your tress and determine the work that needs to be completed. No two tree service jobs are the same.

How Can You Help?

Even with our best efforts to maintain a safe work environment when working on your trees, we need your help as well. You can help us by making sure all people are outside the danger zone while we are working. This is the area where branches and debris could fall. We also ask that you advise us of any dangers or things to watch out for before we start working, such as power lines, gas lines, etc.

Reasons To Call Us For Burlington Tree Services

Thinking about calling a professional tree services company? You've come to the right place. We are the only company you'll have to call and we can help you with all your tree care and maintenance needs now and into the future. We are avid tree people and you will see this reflected in our services. Consider calling us for tree services because:

  1. We are members of International Society of Arboriculture in Ontario and TCIA Tree Care Industry Association – we take pride in doing things the right way and abiding by high standards
  2. We do pruning or tree removal regardless of size – we are here to assist you with all size projects
  3. Serving both the residential and commercial business community
  4. We are fully insured and WSIB compliant
  5. Winners of the Oakville Beaver Readers Selection Awards since 2012.
  6. Free estimates for tree services
  7. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed
  8. We customize our services to meet your tree related needs

Want to learn more about how we can help? Contact us anytime with your question or tree concerns. We're happy to help you with all your tree related issues.

FREE Estimates For Tree Services

All of our tree services start with a free estimate. We'll happily discuss your tree care needs, talk about your options and take a look at what we are dealing with to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Learn more about Burlington tree services we offer by calling us at 905-599-6860 or by visiting us again at

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